Click here for other non-emergency contact information.

If you have an emergency that requires immediate police or fire attention, dial 911. Below are other local emergency numbers that may be helpful to our town residents.

North East Police Department (dispatched by the Cecil County Sheriff's Office) 911 or
North East Police Department (non-emergency only) 410-287-5996
Maryland State Police 410-398-8101
Fire Department 911 or
Union Hospital 410-398-4000
Poison Control Center 1-800-492-2414
Water Emergencies (during work hours) 410-287-5801
Water Emergencies (after work hours) 410-287-5996
Sewer Emergencies (during office hours) 410-996-6260
Sewer Emergencies (after office hours) 410-996-5588
Dept. of Natural Resources Police -
Marine and Inland
Oil Spills 1-800-424-8802